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24 august 2018 

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1. How did you experience your labour and birth?

My labour was very relaxed and slow, so I really had a good chance to take everything in and experience it to the full. I had a wonderful labour looking back (the pain at the end was obviously intense but it was manageable). As weird as it sounds I really enjoy the labour process, the excitement of bringing a little one into the world always fills me with awe and wonder and once again reminds me of how awesome God is in His creation and with the miracle of birth. It amazes me how awesome the body is and how it just knows what to do and your natural instincts take over. The urge to push is like nothing I can ever fully explain, your body just does it almost without any control (well that's how it's always been for me). My first labour was extremely quick (baby almost born in the car) so this time around I had the chance to relax a bit at Genesis and walk down to Zoo Lake and really just enjoy everything. The actual birth was quite quick at the end. By the time my contractions were very painful and I was in the bath, my water broke and I basically gave 3 pushes and out came my precious little boy, Jude Eli weighing 3.23kg. I was so thankful to have this precious treasure in my arms after a few complications and trying for a while to have another baby. Ester was with me each step of the way during my labour, she continually checked on me and baby to see if we were both doing fine. During the birth, she was very efficient and made sure that there were no complications with me, post birth, as there were a few concerns with my placenta being calcified.


2.  What positive experience did you take out of this journey?

To trust in God. He always knows best and although I had a few scares during the pregnancy, He always remained faithful and looked after me (together with an excellent midwife and very caring gynae Dr. Mia). Labour and birth is an exciting and awesome experience and I honestly wish that more women trusted in their bodies to do what they are so wonderfully created to do.


3. If you could do it again, what would you like to do differently?

Honestly, I can't really think of anything I would like to do differently. My labour and birth this last time was so wonderful and I really enjoyed the whole experience. But I'm pretty convinced there won't be a next time, hahahaha. I'm very happy and content with my 2 treasures :)


4.  Were you satisfied with the care you received from Ester during your antenatal and postnatal visit?

I'm very, very satisfied (actually way more than satisfied ;)). If I could maybe mention only one negative thing and that was the stitching after the birth. I only needed about 2 or 3 stitches I think but this was exceptionally painful. Looking back it almost seems as if it was more painful than the birth. I'm not sure if the local anesthetic wasn't strong enough or it hadn't had a chance to work yet but I felt every last pinprick and it was exceptionally sore. 


Ester was always professional in all the appointments and took very good care of me. She managed to get me an appointment with Dr. Mia, very urgently, when his normal appointments were fully booked months in advance. She accounted for everything and never left anything to chance. She checked everything was going well with both myself and Jude at the postnatal appointment and I always knew that I could ask her anything and she would always try and help. This type of care is very rare in this day and age where you can often feel neglected. 


Thanks again for all you did to help me during my pregnancy and labour. I will forever be grateful for your excellent care and concern and for always doing your absolute best to assist me. You are an amazing midwife!!




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