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25 July 2020

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As the care for my first pregnancy was with a gynae, I can say the following about my experience using midwifery services the second time round:


  1. Appointments never felt rushed or very medical – I learnt more about my body and pregnancy with Ester than I ever did with my gynae. I felt more confident, less stressed and more in control – the process was not solely in someone else’s hands.

  2. The actual birth was amazing, memorable and far from the traumatic experience I had with my firstborn.

  3. I am still breastfeeding my son – I can absolutely say the birth process and birthing at genesis and support from Ester helped me with breastfeeding in making it a successful journey.

  4. I have told many others that midwifery is THE WAY TO GO! If there are no complications of course.

  5. I learnt that pregnancy is a completely natural process, that we should trust our bodies and make sure we do our research and educate ourselves on the options available to us.

  6. Even hubby has convinced others to go the same route and he has even seen and experienced the difference between the 2 births.


Thank you Ester!! You will always be a special person to us!


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