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17 May 2018 - 14:26


I woke up 3 am as usual to pee. I had tons of energy with 5 hours of sleep. I had mild back pain so I took a warm bath and got fully dressed, ready for the day.  I started to notice the Braxton Hicks was stronger, not painful, and had a pattern so I started to track them.  From about 3H45 they were between 5 to 10 min apart and lasted between 40 to 60 sec. I didn’t think much of it so my hubby left for work. 


I contacted Ester at around 7 am, where she suggested that we should go to Genesis. Since I was up, I dropped the other kids at school and went home and called my husband to find out how long before he would be home. We eventually left for Genesis 8H50am. We arrived at the hospital just before 9H30am had a checkup.  We decided to do some walking and have some breakfast at Rosebank Mall. 


We were back at Genesis at 11H55 and settled in our room.  I couldn’t do sitting or bouncing on the ball so I was walking up and down, occasionally stopping with each contraction. I had very low pelvic pains so we had to do a quick monitor   Baby was still fine. 13H45 active baby’s head crowning.  I was afraid that she would fall on the floor but Ester was always right there.  I got in the water which gave me an instant relief and baby was born 41 minutes after active labor had started. We did delayed cord clamping and hubby got to cut the cord. labour kicked in. The birthing pool was not ready yet so I walked around some more. As I was about to get in the pool, I could feel (the ring of fire) and I felt


Daddy had some bonding time and I got out and was ready to deliver the placenta. I was checked and cleaned and it was my time for bonding.


Birthday 17-05-2018  -   14H26    -    2.91kg 


She is perfect and it was an amazing experience 

 I am very sad that my previous births happened on a bed and in a controlled hospital environment. 


It was calming and wonderful to be in control of my birth and let my body do what it’s made for. 

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