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14 NOVEMBER 2018 - 23:40


1. How did you experience your labour and birth?


With Adah's we had an unexpected long labour, but despite this, my husband and I had an amazing experience with her birth. As we could still have a normal delivery. 


2.  What positive experience did you take out of this journey?


The support we received from our midwife and doula was such a positive experience for us. Without this community and support group our birth story would not be so positive. 


3. If you could do it again, what would you like to do differently?


If I could start all over I would stay at home for longer and also relax more during the labour and birth process.



4.  Were you satisfied with the care you received from Ester during your antenatal and postnatal visit? 


Yes! Very happy and satisfied. Ester honoured our dream for natural delivery and therefore we are very grateful towards her. Our aftercare was also very helpful and supportive. Thank you Ester!




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