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1 JANUARY 2019


 I am a new mom and the whole experience was wonderful. From the antenatal classes and just walking this journey with Ester allowed my husband and I to prepare our hearts and minds. Ester equipped us with the knowledge of what to expect and that really made the journey much easier. Going into labour we were not fearful at all, we had peace and faith that all would go well. We trusted the process and it’s amazing what the body and mind can do and that God made us able to give birth to beautiful babies. Giving birth requires you to dig in deep and do the hard work, but what got me through it was the affirmations that my baby is waiting to be born and I couldn’t wait to meet him. Also the support from my husband gave me the strength to persevere. I was positive about the process and was surprised that I was 10cm dilated without any pain medication.


For me having a midwife was the best decision we made. The relationship we built together is amazing. The support and love that is shared makes it more than just a service. Not only for me but my husband really felt part of the process and could understand what I would be going through and that he had a part of play. Just that knowledge sharing and advice is so beneficial. 


It was a really wonderful journey I don’t think I would do anything differently. 


I am completely satisfied with Esters services. She is indeed blessed. 



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