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The Birth of Sophie Partington


8 weeks ago, my pregnancy journey came to an end and my new adventure with the title of “Mom of 2” began, BUT, Almost 8 months ago, this journey started with three of the most amazing women. Women who walked me through literally every step, every stressful and blissful moment, of bringing Sophie (and actually Reuben too) into this world.

What’s really strange for me, and truly difficult to wrap my head around, is that actually it’s their job, and I am their client. When really it feels a lot more like the most wonderful friends, who held your hand through one of the absolute biggest moments you could ever have in your life. No one else sees you so vulnerable. No one else experiences you as your most raw, pained yet powerful self.

Ester Naude', Chantal Wells and Silvia de Barros, I could never truly thank you enough Words - and even actions - could never be sufficient, to express how much you all mean to me, and what a special place you will forever have in my heart for bringing me and Sophie safely through this pregnancy and birthing journey. You all are the reason that I can look back at this part of my life with nothing but pride and positivity, and always be the biggest spokesperson for midwifery and doulas

I hold so much love for you 3 in my heart, and will always




The Birth of Aden Wauts


I thank God every day for my blessings.  Not only do I have a perfect little boy, but I had the most beautiful birth experience that any women could wish for.  We are surrounded by horror birth stories but birth can be beautiful when you trust your body and have a support team to get you through.  This is my birth story.


The Birth of Simson Bekker


Die gelykenis van die swanger vrou (The Parable of the Pregnant Woman) .  An Afrikaans story about birth and the journey with God, written by the mother of Simson Bekker - Monique Bekker


The Birth of Emielia de Lange


"She is perfect and it was an amazing experience."



The Birth of Lea Shae Seabrook


"You did such an amazing job with me and my first birthing experience"



The Birth of JB Bezuidenhout


"Never did I once doubt my decision to have a unmedicated birth at Genesis with a midwife. As for Ester, what an angel.  I absolutely loved working with her and she will definitely see us with the rest of my kids.



The Birth of Bradley Thomas Carter


I still cannot believe I got to experience this. I am so indebted to Ester, Shasta and my husband for making this happen. Bradley will forever be a part of my heartbeat


The Birth of Alyssa Swart


"Birthing is scary for many because it is so outside of your control.  But I would like to encourage expecting mommies to educate themselves as much as they can about the process of childbirth and then surrender to the process."


The Birth of Leah Howard


"Remember how powerful and amazing your body is. It knows what to do, trust it. Natural child birth is one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences, don't fear it."



Feedback on the birth of Adah Muller


The mom of Adah Muller sent us some feedback on the birth of her beautiful baby girl.


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Feedback on the birth of Jude McKibbin


The mom of Jude McKibbin sent us some feedback on the birth of her beautiful baby boy.



Feedback on the birth of Ogo Khutsoane


The mom of  Ogo Masemola sent us some feedback on the birth of her beautiful baby .



Feedback on the birth of Brody Tyron Elliott


The mom of  Brody Elliott sent us some feedback on the birth of her beautiful baby boy .


Feedback on the birth of Nina Krog


The mom of  Nina Krog sent us some feedback on the birth of her beautiful baby girl .


Feedback on the birth of Sophia Simpson


The mom of Sophia Simpson sent us some feedback on the birth of her beautiful baby girl.

The Birth of

Ruach Labuschagne


The Birth of Emmie Fiechter


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