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Packing List

Genesis Clinic provides a "Mom & Baby pack" that contains:
* 5 Newborn Huggies nappies
* 1 packet 
of wet wipes
* Surgical spirits

* Bumcreme
* 1 pack of 
cotton wool balls
* 1 packet Carefix maternity pads

Shopping List from Dischem:
* Dischem “BioHerbal”
wecsin wound powder for umbilical cord care (NOT Herbaforce)
* A packet of sanitary towels/ adult pull up nappies (very comfy)
* Packet of linen saver (Softi’s form Dischem)
* Bepanthen nipple cream

Please pack the following:
* Old towels for use during labour and birth
* Toiletries for yourself & your partner
* Hair elastics and pins
* Water spray to refresh you during labour
* Clothing for baby (at least 2 outfits and 3 receiving blankets)
* Clothing for yourself & your partner
* Facecloth for you & baby
* Comfortable clothes to wear during labour (no elastics tight over tummy area)
* Postnatal belly binder or 

* Swimming costume and dry shorts for your partner

* Candles and matches

* Cellphone charger

* Cameras & spares

* Two-prong plug

* I-pod and speakers

* Water bottle

* Savoury snacks, snack bars, nuts, dried fruit & easily digested sugar sweets (remember to keep in mind your partner’s taste because he will probably eat more of the snacks than you will).

* Energy drinks, fruit juices, herbal teas/

* Crop top/ bikini top to wear whilst in the bath

* Comfortable shoes in case your midwife ‘takes you for a walk’!


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