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30 December 2019


1. What positive experience did you take out of this journey?

Absolutely everything was positive, from start to finish. This was a wonderful pregnancy and birth, even though there were a couple of hiccups, not knowing when my water broke, possible infection for myself and my baby, an elevated heart rate that could have led to an emergency caesarean... but in the end everything was perfect and my little girl came quickly and forcefully.


2. If you could do it again, what would you like to do differently?

I don't think anything... I believe all births work out the way they should if there is no unnecessary interventions.


3.  Were you satisfied with the care you received from Ester during your antenatal and postnatal visit? 

I could not have asked for a better midwife! After having birthed my two previous babies with the wonderful Sue King, who sadly passed away two years ago, I actually didn't know how I could find a new midwife that I connected with and who just got me and my pregnancy process, but then my doula Laura recommended Ester and I was so happy! She's exceptionally thorough and puts the safety of mother and baby first. I like that she's cautious, but not quick to intervene. She supports the natural process of birth and creates a calm and safe environment for birth to happen naturally.

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